In a single structure,the Department brings together various areas of scientific research, united by common objects of study and methods of investigation. The Department includes scholars whose research activities are carried out in the fields of linguistics, philology and literature, geography and history, archaeology and art. The Department promotes and coordinates the University's scientific activities in CUN Areas 10 (Ancient, Philological-Literary and Historical-Artistic Sciences) and 11 (Historical, Philosophical, Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences) for the relevant fields.

The Department is an integral part of the humanities cluster of the University of Perugia, and intends to promote research and teaching activities in correlation with the other departments of the same cluster, first and foremost with the Department of Philosophy, Social Sciences and Education and the DEPARTMENT OF Political Sciences.

The interdisciplinary character of the Department is based on common scientific interests, which include the ancient age and its tradition/reception; the medieval, modern and contemporary age, and on common research methods.

The Department studies linguistic, literary and artistic phenomena as well as the historical, geographical and cultural contexts in which they occur and take on their own particular characteristics.

The Department's research activity complies with the ERC (European Research Council) project guidelines for the SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) scientific-disciplinary field, and it aims at implementing the criteria of the framework programmes.