The Department offers students a specific cultural education, and the essential tools to develop a critical relation to reality. The Department organizes the teaching of the related scientific-disciplinary sectors in the three-year and master's degrees, according to criteria of propaedeuticity and organicity, in order to meet the training needs of students, and the requirements for teaching in secondary schools of first and second degree, and for access to public administration and the world of work.
An integral part of the students' education is the international experience that the Department promotes through the mobility of teachers and students within the framework of Erasmus programmes and inter-university agreements, aimed at awarding joint degrees.

The Moodle UniStudium platform provides students and teachers with materials and activities related to degree courses and teaching.

Italian university education is today based on three main cycles of study. The Department offers the following study courses:

Cultural Heritage (First Cycle – Bachelor programme)
Archaeology and History of Art (Second Cycle – Master programme)
Contact persons: Prof. Erminia Irace and Dr. Elisa Carnevali.

Humanities (First Cycle – Bachelor Programme)
Italianistica e Storia Europea - Civiltà Classiche (Second Cycle – Master programme)
Contact persons: Prof. Stefano Giovannuzzi and Dr. Elisa Carnevali.

Foreign Languages and Cultures (First Cycle – Bachelor Programme)
Languages, Comparative Literature and Intercultural Translation (Second Cycle – Master programme)
Contact persons: Prof. Luigi Giuliani and Dr. Elisa Carnevali. 

Communication Studies (First Cycle – Bachelor Programme)
Interdepartmental courses offered by the Department of Political Science and the Department of Humanities.
Contact person: prof. Marco Mazzoni (Department of Political Science)

PhD in History, Arts and Languages in Ancient and Modern Europe, Cycles XXX 2014-2017, XXXI 2015-2018 and XXXII 2016-2019. PhD in Human Sciences (Cycle XXIX 2013-2016). Coordinator: Prof. Hermann Dorowin. Secretariat: Dr. Giuliana Muci.

School of Specialisation in Beni Storico-Artistici. Contacts: Chair Prof. Cristina Galassi. Teaching secretary: Dr. Serenella Crescentini. Gubbio’s office: Dr. Catia Mariotti.